Bucks County’s Rosie the Riveter to be Honored at Local Fourth of July Parade, Says Watson
NEW BRITAIN TWP. – Bucks County resident Mae Krier, one of the nation’s first Rosie the Riveters, will be one of the featured guests aboard Rep. Kathy Watson’s (R-Bucks) parade entry for this year’s Tri-Municipal Fourth of July Parade in New Britain.

Watson invites all local residents to come out and support Krier and all women who have served our nation, in and out of uniform.

Krier, a resident of Bristol Township, was one of the first women to join the manufacturing sector during World War II. Dubbed “Rosie the Riveter,” Krier and other women like her joined the workforce to make sure that the U.S. military had the materials needed to win the war and ensure that the U.S. economy rebounded after the Depression. Our parade entry also carries a message of thanks to all women who have served our country – whether in military uniform or by joining the workforce – from World War II through today.

Specifically, Krier, her sister and a friend worked at Boeing in Seattle, where 17,000 B-17s and B-29s were built between 1942 and 1945.

“Whether in our factories or serving as nurses overseas, women played a huge role to help our victory in World War II,” Watson said. “When millions of men joined the service to help protect democracy around the world, millions of women entered the labor force to ensure that factories continued to operate, goods continued to be manufactured, and our men overseas would have the ships, warplanes and weapons to fight the war.”

Krier, now 91, has been actively engaged for the last 30 years to guarantee that women’s strong and brave efforts during World War II are continually acknowledged and remembered.

Krier was also honored by the state House this spring for her work. Of note, House Resolution 85, which passed the House unanimously on May 23, designated May 23, 2017, as “Rosie the Riveter Day” in Pennsylvania and honored the service and contributions of the millions of women who entered the work force during World War II. This is the second consecutive year in which the statewide designation has been made.

“Our entry in the parade not only acknowledges the women from World War II but every woman who has contributed to our society and economy over the past 70 years,” Watson said. “Our entry will be showcasing women from various decades and roles to show how much we’ve contributed to our nation over the years.”

The parade will begin at 9:30 a.m. on Tuesday, July 4, at the Town Center Shopping Center, Route 202, New Britain Borough and end at the North Branch Park, 207 Park Ave., New Britain Township.

Representative Kathy Watson
144th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Jennifer Keaton
KathyWatson144.com / Facebook.com/RepWatson

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