Watson Echoes Support for Severance Tax
HARRISBURG – Rep. Kathy Watson (R-Bucks/144th) issued the following statement regarding an unsuccessful attempt to bring a discharge resolution on a severance tax proposal to the House floor:

“As a longtime supporter of a natural gas severance tax, I was disappointed in the parliamentary maneuvers that occurred on the House floor the afternoon of Oct. 4 with respect to the discharge resolution. I have and will continue to support ways in which we can responsibly develop natural gas drilling while also ensuring that the natural gas companies pay their fair share, like they do in every other natural gas-producing state. This vote was not for or against this severance tax; it was all about the games being played during the current budget impasse.

“Even with this vote, I believe that discussion of severance tax is ongoing and I want it to ultimately be part of a sustainable revenue package.

“I want my constituents to know that my ‘no’ vote against the discharge resolution was not a vote against a severance tax, as my record clearly shows I support this policy. My ‘no’ vote reflected my disappointment in the way the discharge resolution was brought to the floor and the games that were played to get it there.

“Anyone who knows me understands that I abhor the partisan and political games that seek to make the other side look bad. Instead, I believe in policy-making, and I want any severance tax legislation to be meaningful and responsible. Doing so otherwise would be a disservice to those who sent me to Harrisburg.”

Representative Kathy Watson
144th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Jennifer Keaton
KathyWatson144.com / Facebook.com/RepWatson

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